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“Amazing Marketing Copy”

“Penni L. Smith helped to shape my content into something amazing that converted prospects into buyers.  I’d always struggled putting words down on paper when it came to selling myself and my services, but through an interview and a few questions via e-mail, Penni was able to help me create amazing marketing copy!  That’s just not my impression, most of my clients agree that was what encouraged them to pick up the phone and call.”

— Emma Jane Santa, National Speaker Academy Dean and virtual workforce expert,

“Surpassed My Expectations”

“Penni L. Smith has helped me in my new business.  She has been wonderful to work with, both professional and astute.  She has interpreted my needs, researched ways to address them and then consulted with me on the best way to proceed.  Her suggestions have been insightful and supported me in navigating these, sometimes confusing, waters.  Our work met all of my deadlines and surpassed my expectations.”

— Mary Thompson, college instructor,

“Knows Her Stuff”

“When you need help, what you want is someone who knows her stuff. Penni knows her stuff.  She thinks not only inside the box — what will work here? — but outside the box as well — this might be even better, what about this?  Have you thought about this other option?  You will be pleased and confident with what Penni can offer you.”

—Susan Rushton, author, newspaper columnist

“Penni is a Wizard”

“I am a web designer and have been for many years now.  A client hired me to do her website and also wanted me to write the content for the website.  I decided to hire Penni Smith to do the content writing.  I am glad I did!  I believe in hiring and using people who are gifted in areas stronger than I am; content writing is one of them.

Needless to say, my client was more than happy with what Penni did!  Her response was this: ‘Penni is the best!  I have those shimmering vibes when serendipity is at hand. Penni is a wizard and I am 1000% satisfied.’

Thank you, Penni, for the superb work.  I so look forward to using you again and again and again!”


“Motivated, Meticulous, and Thorough”

“Penni is motivated, meticulous, and thorough in everything she does.  Penni wrote some fundraising letters for our organization.  They were well-written.  She designed the whole package which included envelopes, response cards, and anything else that fit that campaign.  In each instance, the mailing received a good rate of response.  If you are looking for someone to produce the letter and other items for a fundraising, promotional, or other type of campaign, I’d definitely recommend Penni.”

— Bev Anderson, President, Western Neuropathy Association

 “Responsive and Diligent”

“In all the completed projects I have observed, Penni is responsive to the client’s needs.  She is diligent in her research, and her communication is prompt.  Her imagination and command of the English language is superb.  Her base knowledge is vast from marketing, computer programming to developing a winning catch phrase. Her work ethic is excellent and she is completely trustworthy.”

— Marilyn McNeall, insurance agency client employee

“Great Creative Instincts”

“You prompted me to think about the information I wanted to put into public view.  You had great creative instincts about the theme.  Your interview process was thorough and thoughtful.”

— Maralee Nelder, attorney at law.

“Will Happily Recommend”

“I will happily recommend you to anyone who is in need of your skills.”

— Daniella Zimmerman, client

“Far Better than Most”

“You did a good job telling the story, far better than most.  So keep with it, stick with it.  I think you have a really bright future doing this.”

— Clayton Makepeace, financial writer