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Samples of Penni L. Smith’s Copywriting

Faith may assure us about things we cannot see, but there’s no need for blind faith when engaging Penni L. Smith.  She has a proven, award-winning track record, as seen in the samples below, and through her case studies.

To see “exceptional writing for exceptional results,” simply click on the links for each item. Except where a website is specified, all the documents are PDF files. You may open them, or you may download them by right-clicking on the link as selecting “Save target as….”

Valuable White Paper

PLS CW Crucial Tool Cover 3D 1-2inTo see an exceptional example of Penni L. Smith’s writing—and to learn about “The Crucial Lead Generation Tool Even Smart Technology Marketers Are Neglecting”—request your free copy of this comprehensive guide to improvement by completing the contact form.


Membership Site Landing Page

Chris Marlow is a prominent copywriter with decades of experience writing all manner of copy throughout a wide array of industries. Nonetheless, to bring in an outside perspective, she asked Penni to write new copy for the page promoting her membership site (also a landing page for her e-mails). View this long-form page live here, or in a PDF file.

Web Page Copy

Visit the Nelder Family Law website (in a new window), featuring Penni’s most extensive website copywriting job to date. This project required thorough research in order to present the complex legal information in a clear and persuasive manner.   You may also view three key pages from the site in a PDF file.

Maralee Nelder says, “I do think that the site has been more informative and beneficial than I had initially considered it.  I really do like mine.” She added that Penni “prompted me to think about the information I wanted to put into public view. [She] had great creative instincts.”  You can read Maralee’s full story here.

Additional Web Page Copy

For Mary Thompson’s Ayurveda website, Penni wrote all the page copy, and continues to provide marketing guidance to this long-time teacher but new entrepreneur.  (Mary writes the blog posts and articles.)

Penni’s first web copy project was the copy for therapist Shannon Wallwork.  Penni wrote all the copy, but in this case, had no part of the actual design, which was done by Created4DesignVisit the website or view the pages in a PDF file.

Prize-Winning Headline and Letter

This headline and lead (the beginning portion of a sales letter) was one of the winners of the spec challenge at the American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) 2013 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.  You can also view the announcement here (in a new window).

Later, AWAI commissioned and purchased the completed sales letter for the Professional Writers’ Alliance.

Writer of the Month Article Series

Penni was the July 2014 guest writer of the month for the Professional Writers’ Alliance, writing this series of articles on getting vital feedback on one’s writing.

Video Script for Non-Profit Public Service Announcement

Penni conceived the concept and wrote three different-length scripts for a public service announcement from a non-profit organization.

Fundraising Letters

For several years, Penni L. Smith wrote the fundraising letters for a local non-profit organization, resulting in a 700% increase in receipts within two years (read the complete details here).

Each campaign featured a base letter with minor variations coded into the merge process.  This allowed the letters to be appropriate for current members, renewing members, former members, and friends of the association.

You can view a sample letter from four different fundraising campaigns or see all the variations of the Fall 2010 letters.

Press Release

Penni wrote a press release for a local business venture.  She has also written several press releases for her Toastmasters group, such as this one.

Hiring Proposal

Penni came to Yamas Controls for a six-week temporary job to update a program used by the company, but they kept finding more for her to do. It was clear they needed her, but they would have to create a position and pay the agency. Though she had not yet heard of copywriting, she demonstrated her innate skills by crafting this proposal explaining why hiring her would be a good investment. Read the full story.

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Learn more about Penni L. Smith, get your frequently asked questions answered, review available services, or read of the results of her work  in her case studies.