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Privacy and Usage Policies


Personal Information

Penni L. Smith Copywriting does not and will not EVER give, rent, share, sell, or transfer any personal information collected on this site or through any contact with Penni L. Smith to any third party. Penni L. Smith Copywriting may store information from any contact in order to facilitate a response and conduct business. By contacting Penni L. Smith Copywriting, you consent to receiving e-mail in response, including occasional notes of general interest.

Penni L. Smith Copywriting is part of The Word & Web Smith, and e-mail may include that name.  Penni L. Smith manages multiple websites, and while contacts are usually kept distinct, there may be times when information is sent to those who contact her through any site.

Unless otherwise required by statute, Penni L. Smith Copywriting does not identify publicly who sends questions or comments through this web site or from any other contact. The exception is comments on the blog, which do require a user name. No e-mail address from a blog comment is ever posted for others to see.

When deemed appropriate at its sole discretion, Penni L. Smith Copywriting may provide user information, including identifying information that may have been entered into the site by the user, to authorized law enforcement agencies when the site has been used in connection with illegal practices.

Internet Use

Our host and analytical services may collect information about visitors’ use of this web site. This is collected automatically without any personal or identifying information. This includes: the domain name from which a user accesses the internet, the date and time and duration the user was connected to the site, the internet address of the web site from which a user linked directly to this web site, the type of browser used to access this site, and the search engine and keywords used when searching for this site. This information is in aggregate to measure website performance. Penni L. Smith Copywriting does not obtain information that will personally identify web site visitors except for that voluntarily provided through contact and comments.


Except for information provided for the benefit of evaluating Penni L. Smith Copywriting as a service provider, no content contained on this site may be downloaded, printed, or distributed via print or electronic format for any commercial use without prior written consent from Penni L. Smith. Written material may be downloaded, printed, or distributed for personal use as long as Penni L. Smith is identified as the source and copyright holder and a link to this website is provided where appropriate.


The photograph of Penni, the report covers and graphics, and the PLS logo are all images copyright by Penni L. Smith, and may not be downloaded, distributed, printed, modified, or used in any way without written permission. The image may be printed or distributed in the context of printing and distributing the entire page for personal use only. Unless noted, all other images and images on the blog are either public domain, or are copyright by the creator identified, and are used in accordance with the license specified by the creator.


Links to this website are welcome and encouraged.


Penni L. Smith provides the highest quality writing and marketing services that she can.  Marketing campaigns involve multiple factors along with the writing, however, and specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

Penni L. Smith Copywriting is licensed and also does business as The Word & Web Smith.