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Before we can partner together, you need to get some questions answered and get a real feel for the person you might work with.  Let’s begin by considering some questions you may have.

What makes you different?  What unique traits do you bring?

Every writer has a distinct voice, and a unique perspective informed by background and experience.  Still, there are three things that particularly distinguish me:

  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Commitment to IQ
  • Underlying Passion

Exceptional Writing Skills

I don’t use this word lightly, but over and over people choose “exceptional” to describe my writing.  There are a lot of good, capable, adequate writers out there.  I am the exceptional one—ideal for an exceptional company.

Commitment to IQ

No, I don’t mean intelligence, although I have plenty of that.  I mean integrity and quality.  These are critical values for me.

By integrity, I mean that I have high ethical standards.  I refuse to engage in deceptive practices.  Therefore, I only write for products I can believe in, and I tell the truth.  I write persuasively and convincingly, but I do not manipulate or exploit the readers of my copy to get a response—a good product or service does not need such tactics.  This also means I treat you with that same commitment.

Part of my integrity is that I will not compromise on my commitment to quality.  I write about quality products and services, and I do the best work I can, always.

Underlying Passion

My overwhelming passion in life is to make things better.  I want your business to be better.  I want your website to be better.  I want your copy to be better.  I want your profits to be better.  If I see anything that can be improved, I try hard to do so. I am vested in your success.

Because of my exceptional writing, my commitment to IQ, and my passion to make things better, I’m the person to call when “good enough” isn’t.

What are your qualifications as a copywriter?

I have been writing from a young age, and planned to have a writing career.  To that end, I majored in English for my B.A., and was editor of several student publications.  I ended up having an aptitude for computers, so my career took a detour, though I did write documentation, users’ guides, and more for my employers.

I’ve always been recognized as an exceptional writer, with an excellent vocabulary and an intuitive knowledge of grammar.  When I decided to get into copywriting, I took a number of specialized courses in order to master the specific techniques involved.

As a new copywriter, I won an award for a headline and lead I wrote, which led to my writing the entire sales letter for the product.  I’ve also written website copy, an ebook, a white paper, fundraising letters, case studies, articles, blog posts, press releases, and much more.

Each new project increases my skills and knowledge, and I continue to study copywriting and marketing so that I’m always getting better.

Do you have experience in my type of business?

I have a vast and varied understanding of technology due to my IT career, which also gave me extensive knowledge of finance and accounting, project management, and legal and compliance concerns.  When combined with my strong writing skills, I am able to write material that explains complex matters clearly and effectively.

I have the ability to quickly grasp the essence of your business, its products and services, and also to learn about the needs of your customers.  I put this all together in writing that is persuasive and produces results, whether the audience are C-Suite executives, technicians, business owners, end users, or any other roles.

What kind of assignments do you handle?

I particularly excel at and enjoy writing white papers, special reports, ebooks, long form sales and fundraising letters, website copy, case studies, and other in-depth material where I can go into details and tell a compelling story.

Yet I am able to handle any type of assignment, and cover the full spectrum of copy and content, long and short.  For example, I relish the challenge of condensing a message into an engaging tagline.

Do you offer consulting services?

Absolutely.  I’m not here to sell you a service; I’m here to help your company succeed in any way I can. I’m always happy to assist my clients to help them improve.  I’ve helped clients plan campaigns, refine their offerings, and even develop their main message.

One of your services is a copy critique.  What is that?

A copy critique provides you with a fresh perspective on your marketing material, such as a direct response package, landing page, or any piece of copy.  You can have me critique either an existing piece or a draft of copy in progress. It’s up to you.

Your copy critique will be a written report of two or more single-spaced typed pages that analyzes your copy in detail.  I will point out what’s good about the copy and what works … and what doesn’t work; what should be changed … and how.

A copy critique is ideal when you want a “second opinion” on a piece of copy, or who need new ideas to inject life into an existing package that’s no longer working. It also enables you to sample my services at far less cost than you’d pay to have me write your copy from scratch.

What does it cost to hire you?

I work with intelligent people—like you, I trust—who understand that quality copy is more a crucial investment in the success of a business, than a cost.  Really, you don’t want copy—you want prospects or sales or reputation.  It’s about the big picture.

Every project’s investment depends on its specific details.  Just arrange a time to talk with me, and once I understand your project in full, I can give you an exact quote.

The Copywriting Services Investment Schedule included in my information package has a range of fees for some general types of projects, which will give you an idea of the investment involved for my services.  Give me a call, send an e-mail, or use my contact form to request the information package.

Keep in mind that the fee covers not just the writing, but every task I need to do to complete the project.  Depending on the project, this includes any calls or meetings related to the project, background reading and research, any required interviews with subject matter experts or others, content and copy strategy development, concepting, headline development, drafting an outline, and up to three rounds of requested revisions per the terms.

Who are your clients, and what do they say about your copy and counsel?

Take a look at my case studies and testimonials.

How long will it take you to write my copy?

Turnaround really depends on the type of project.  A short article or blog post can be done in a few days, while a white paper will take several weeks.  For most projects, figure on 2-3 weeks once I have all the items I need from you.  I want to have enough time to research, write, revise, and make sure I give you a top-quality product.

If you are on a tight schedule, just tell me when you need the material.  If I agree to do the project, I will make sure it gets done on time, and to the quality level I demand.

What happens if we want you to revise the copy?

I want you to be satisfied.  I will promptly make any changes you request.  I may advise you if I think the change could adversely affect the results you are after, though I will make it if you insist.

I include a standard three revisions, one major, two minor, in the price of the project, as long as it does not entail a change to the basic assignment.  You must submit any request for revisions with 21 days of the date you receive the copy.

Do you have a contract?  What are your terms?

I have a general overview of my terms on the Schedule of Investment that is in my information package.  They are discussed at the bottom.

I do have a contract, which I complete and submit to you when I make the proposal with the official quote.  It includes very specific details on what I will be doing, and has provisions that protect us both.  I do require this signed contract.

How do I order from you?

It’s simple–we need to talk.  Call me at (530) 367-4673, send an e-mail to me at penni [@], or use the contact form to schedule a time.  We’ll need 30 minutes to an hour to explore your needs and how I can assist you with your project.

After I get the information about your project, I’ll prepare a quote for you.  I’ll get to work as soon as I receive all the starting material, which includes the signed contract, a 50% deposit, and materials required to support my writing.

What do I need to know about your schedule?

First, I am here for you. If you need me on the phone for an early morning meeting—even if you are on the east coast—I will be there, as long as I have been alerted at least twelve hours in advance, and have confirmed my attendance. I will happily adjust my schedule to accommodate your needs.

Given to my own inclinations, however, I am a consummate night owl, doing my best work when it’s dark out.  Also, I’m in the Pacific time zone.  So I may not see an e-mail until early afternoon, or catch a morning phone call.  If you need me in the morning, it’s got to be set in advance. Also, I’m out for most of the day on Mondays.

Is there something special about your logo?

PLS CW Logo SymbolI certainly hope so.  My logo incorporates my initials—PLS—in a way that conveys my purpose for your business.  I extended the stems on the P and the L to form the bars that would go over a dollar sign, which is completed by my S.  My purpose is to use my exceptional writing skills to bring greater success to your company, ultimately in the form of more ROI, more profit, more money.


Now, a question for you.

What are you waiting for?  Call, e-mail, or otherwise contact me, and let’s talk about how I can assist you.