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Temporary Worker Provides ROI to Gain Full Time Position

Penni L. Smith was hired as a temporary employee at Yamas Controls to rewrite an application the company used to estimate the cost of jobs. The contract was expected to last six weeks. Penni finished the basic project in about four weeks, and also automated another monthly report.

The company kept her on, having her look at various reports and processes at the company. She automated several processes, greatly reducing the time the tasks took and virtually eliminating errors. This continued for several months.

By then, Penni wanted to become a full time employee.

Penni spoke to the CTO and CFO, but nothing seemed to be happening. Finally, she decided to make a case for herself in writing.

Penni put together a packet outlining her many skills.  She detailed how the things she could do would free managers to manage rather than spending their time on reporting and other tasks, and how the other employees would be able to work more efficiently. She showed the increased accuracy her projects provided—rather important for the accounting staff.

diamondPenni asserted that the cost of hiring her—salary, benefits, payroll taxes, and the one-time fee to the temporary agency—would actually be far less than the financial benefits she could provide. She backed this up with examples of things she’d already done for the company that had resulted in savings, along with examples from other employers.

After Yamas saw how their bottom line would actually benefit from investing in Penni’s services, they created a new position for her. Penni was hired and remained an employee until the company was sold off.

Actual Yamas Proposal—PDF file (click to view, or right-click and Save Target As to download).
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