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Reluctant Attorney Enjoys Enhanced Credibility

Maralee Nelder is a well-known family law attorney in Nevada County, California, with impressive credentials. Yet clients checking her out online in the past would learn little about her. She had a website, but images on it were irrelevant, the text was generic, and the only information about her personally was a recitation of credentials. At the encouragement of an office assistant, Maralee engaged the services of Penni L. Smith to improve the website.

Nelder Home PagePenni knew that to be effective, the Nelder Family Law website needed copy that conveyed to visitors that Maralee had the expertise to assist them. She recommended several changes that would make the site more effective. This included providing more useful information to visitors to both encourage traffic and enhance Maralee’s credibility.

The Nelder Family Law website now features a home page that focuses on the various needs of the client and demonstrates how Maralee Nelder can address those needs. The services page  describes each type of service, and shows how Maralee is a sound choice to handle each one. To strengthen her positioning, Penni developed a tagline to summarize what Maralee provides:  “Understanding. Expertise. Advocacy.”

Maralee confesses that she was very reluctant to have a site like this. She describes herself as old-school, recalling when attorneys weren’t supposed to advertise. Promoting her services was hard for her to do. She now says, “I do think that the site has been more informative and beneficial than I had initially considered it. I had occasion to look at some other legal sites last week. I really do like mine.”

Maralee notes that the site mainly serves as a due diligence checkpoint for clients, which was a primary objective. Several clients have mentioned the site, including one who said she made an appointment because of the website. Maralee can tell that people have read a page on how to make the most of their appointment time, and someone came in with it printed out.

She said that Penni’s  “interview process was thorough and thoughtful. [She] prompted me to think about the information I wanted to put into public view. [She] had great creative instincts.”

Visit the website (in new window) or view three key pages from the site (PDF file—click to view or right-click and Save Target As to download.
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