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Early Effective Persuasion Foreshadows Current Success

Penni L. Smith never even heard the term “copywriting” before 2008. Still, she was an exceptional writer early on, and managed to craft persuasive letters that produced results long before she ever thought of being a copywriter.

Letter Prompts Elimination of Potential Health Hazard

Near the end of her 7th grade school year, Penni learned that the pet rat in the 8th grade science class had shredded newspaper as the litter in his cage. Penni had read a few books on small animal care, and had learned that newspaper can be harmful as a litter. The ink can rub off on the animal’s fur, and then be ingested when they clean themselves, which can negatively affect their health. She wrote a letter to the teacher, sharing what she knew and asking the rat be switched to a commercial litter suitable for small animals. Shortly thereafter, the rat no longer had newspaper in its cage.

Reluctant Bank Responds to Written Request

A new adult and a high school senior, Penni wanted to open a checking account at a bank. The bank would open a savings account for her, but for a checking account, they wanted additional ID, such as another photo ID or a utility bill in her name. Since she was still in school and living at home, Penni had none of the acceptable items, but the bank wouldn’t relent. Penni went home and wrote a letter, addressing the bank’s requirements and writing persuasively against their necessity. She received a call a couple of days later, and opened her checking account.

Objections Overcome, Lender Relents

In her second year of college, Penni decided she wanted to purchase a motorcycle. She had a part-time job she’d held for about three years, and a very low limit student credit card. Beyond that, she had no credit history. She was trying to get a personal unsecured loan to use for the purchase, rather than financing the motorcycle directly.

Penni relied on her writing again. She knew her application looked weak, but made a strong case that she was an acceptable risk, able to make the payments, and described how the bank would benefit from making the loan. She was successfully persuasive and received the loan she requested.

How Your Company Can Enjoy More Leads, More Sales, More Profits

Long before she did any studying or completed any training, Penni knew the power of a persuasive letter to motivate people to action, even normally staid ones such as bankers. Now she has mastered the techniques to create copy that produces leads and sales for her clients. Her ability to produce results can directly affect your bottom line.
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