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Clarified USP Energizes Entrepreneur

Many small businesses, especially those just starting out, struggle to find their Unique Selling Proposition (USP), the distinct foundation that separates them from others in their field. Emma Jane Santa found her focus when she received more than she expected from working with copywriter Penni L. Smith.

Emma Jane Santa is a consultant who helps companies with their virtual workforce.  Emma had an unfinished website and decided to hire freelance copywriter Penni L. Smith to write copy for the site.

Before writing a word, Penni took some time to talk with Emma to make sure she understood Emma’s business and objectives. Penni is more than a copywriter—she is a strategist and problem-solver, and she prompted Emma to think more precisely about the products she might offer and the different ways she might focus her business.

MarketingOne of Penni’s questions spurred Emma to consider who her target market really was, which led to a change of direction. This required a complete shift in the projects Emma needed to complete and the way she would market her business. She’s now re-evaluating all her strategies as she moves forward.

Emma wrote, “I hired Penni L. Smith based on her impactful writing. She brought a different perspective to my content and provided the slant I needed to resonate with my audience. While I could have created the content myself, working with Penni allowed me to strengthen my position by turning my passion into a clear, actionable content.

“One of the most significant ways that Penni has helped me is in clarifying my strategy for reaching my target market. During our interview session, she really helped me to drill down on what it was that I was trying to accomplish. She asked questions I hadn’t asked myself, and when the copy came back – I felt even more excited about the work I wanted to do!”

PLS CW Logo SymbolDo you need to refine your USP or make sure you have a consistent marketing message? Are you ready to learn how you can enjoy results like these? Simply contact Penni L. Smith to discuss your needs. Don’t forget to request your copy of the free white paper, “The Crucial Lead Generation Tool Even Smart Technology Marketers Are Neglecting.”

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