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As a high school senior, Penni L. Smith had her future all planned out.
Penni L. Smith
Penni had been writing creatively since grade school, and was going to be a best-selling author.  To that end, she attended the University of La Verne as an English major.   Penni expected to have her novel ready for publication by the time she graduated, only later realizing that her writing strengths lay elsewhere.  She ended up with no particular career plans after graduation, and took a job working for Los Angeles County.

Unlike before, she had no idea what the future would hold for her.

From a New Gadget to a New Career

Penni loves gadgets and new technology.  She acquired a PC and taught herself programming, as well as mastering word processing, spreadsheets, and database design and development.  She began noticing ways to apply her technological knowledge to various tasks at her job.  This led to a special assignment programming for the county.

Penni’s career continued through a variety of Information Technology assignments with three major mortgage companies, and a nationwide commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) contractor.  She served as a network administrator, a reporting specialist, an analyst (business, systems, and programming), a database developer and administrator, and a software engineer.

Penni designed and developed advanced spreadsheets  and major desktop and web applications that made others’ jobs easier and more efficient.  Her systems improved accuracy and increased productivity, reducing her employers’ costs and ensuring regulatory compliance.  She also wrote detailed documentation for her programs, conducted training, and advised on major software and hardware purchases.

From this background, Penni has gained a deep grasp of technology, and knows how to communicate  and work with end-users, management, and technical staff.  She loves the challenges of improving processes and solving problems to help businesses succeed.

A Writer All Her Life

Penni first heard of copywriting in 2008, but she has actually been using persuasive writing her whole life, starting with a letter to a teacher in middle school.  She used letters many times to present her case effectively to get the results she desired.

Perhaps her greatest accomplishment in that regard was turning her temporary assignment with the HVAC company into a full time position created just for her.  She wrote a persuasive packet on how the cost of hiring her would actually result in a return on investment (ROI) that would improve the company’s bottom line, just as she now provides great ROI for those using her writing and marketing services.

Living the Dream

When Penni did learn about copywriting, she realized that this was the answer to her writing dreams, a way she could use her exceptional writing skills, especially her persuasiveness, and actually make a living.  And she could continue helping businesses solve problems and increase their profits.

Much of Penni’s initial work as a copywriter was producing text for the web pages she designed as The Word & Web Smith.  She is now focused on direct response copywriting for technology and software businesses, returning more leads and sales for their marketing investment.

Penni is an award-winning copywriter, and a member of the Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA).  She was the PWA writer of the month for July 2014, producing a set of four articles.  She is also a Dan Kennedy Trained Copywriter for Information Marketers.

When she’s not increasing her clients’ ROI  and helping them get more leads and sales, Penni enjoys spending time with her friends, writing (still hoping for a novel someday), reading extensively, and playing computer games.  She attends a Toastmaster meeting weekly, as she loves to speak.  She’s also working on a personal website for spiritual growth and encouragement.  Penni resides in the mountains in Northern California with her four-legged family, including dogs Dash and Kiara-Alva, and cats Doodad and Knick-Knack.

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