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Critical New Intel for Technology Marketers:

Recent research reveals
“The Crucial Lead Generation Tool
Even Smart Technology Marketers
Are Neglecting.”

It’s incredible, but true. Despite the proliferation of internet video, a recent survey of websites revealed surprising results.  Among mid-size B2B technology companies:

  • More than a third had no indications of video marketing.
  • Only about 20% of those using video marketing were really using it effectively.
  • Although critical to any company, lead generation rarely involves video.
  • Embedded YouTube players were the most common means of distribution (experts recommend against this—and it doesn’t work for lead gen).

Why are marketers not implementing video? Top challenges they have cited include the lack of a video budget and in-house resources, and the difficulty of creating compelling content. But they neglect video at their peril.

Video has a unique impact that other media cannot offer. Used well, it can be surprisingly effective. That power, however, can operate against you when it is not used well.

Video use is only going to grow.  Companies that neglect video by not using it or implementing it poorly will lose their ability to compete.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to find video marketing success.

The Answers You Need

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Whether you’ve used video marketing for years, or are just starting to think about it, the information in the white paper, “The Crucial Lead Generation Tool Even Smart Technology Marketers Are Neglecting,” is essential for your success.

From this white paper, you will:

  • Understand the current state of B2B video marketing.
  • Examine what makes video effective and explore the potential of video marketing.
  •  Discover how video can work throughout the sales process and what to consider in a video marketing campaign.
  • Learn why proper hosting and distribution is vital.

If you truly are a smart technology marketer, you’ll want to take advantage of the incredible opportunities video presents.  Begin by requesting your free copy of this white paper.

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Who Is Penni L. Smith?

For lead generation technology companies who want strong results and a solid return on investment, Penni L. Smith is the smart marketer’s choice for a direct response copywriter.

Penni combines a strong technical background from a career in information technology with outstanding writing skills. She is adept at clearly explaining complex matters, and compels action through her strong persuasive writing.

More than that, Penni is an expert problem solver and strategist, able to apply her knowledge to specific situations and address challenges with creativity.

Penni enjoys working with sophisticated marketers who will appreciate her exceptional writing,   marketing knowledge, and relentless focus on meeting objectives, reaching goals, and ramping up ROI.

Learn more about Penni’s background, see the services available, explore case studies of the impact of Penni’s writing, or review samples of her work. Then be sure to contact her and request your copy of the white paper.

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When your technology company needs more quality leads, greater sales, and increased ROI, Penni L. Smith Copywriting is the smart marketer's choice. Penni applies ...

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Even Smart Technology Marketers Are Neglecting.”

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